Author(s): Bharti Sharma

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DOI: 10.52711/2454-2660.2023.00060   

Address: Bharti Sharma*
Nursing Tutor, BEE ENN College of Nursing, Chak Bhalwal, Jammu and Kashmir, India.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 11,      Issue - 3,     Year - 2023

The aim of this information sheet is to remind you about how we can manage our stress using laughing therapy. Every working women and men are faced with stress in their work place daily but they never knew how to cope up and deal with the stressors and sources of stress. Stress has harmful psychological and physiological effects on our body. Laughter therapy is very effective to reduce the stress level. Laughter is universally well accepted phenomenon. Laughter therapy relaxes the muscles and improves breathing. It increases friendliness, collaboration and facilitates group identity, harmony and cohesiveness by decreasing stress-causing hormones in the blood. Eventually, laughter enhances quality of life by reducing the level of stress. Laughter can be effective self- care tool to cope with stress. An ability to find laughter therapy gives as a sense of perception on our problem. Laughter provides a release for accumulated tension.

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Bharti Sharma. Practice to Relax Your Mind and Soul: Laughing Therapy. International Journal of Nursing Education and Research. 2023; 11(3):264-8. doi: 10.52711/2454-2660.2023.00060

Bharti Sharma. Practice to Relax Your Mind and Soul: Laughing Therapy. International Journal of Nursing Education and Research. 2023; 11(3):264-8. doi: 10.52711/2454-2660.2023.00060   Available on:

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